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Marcelle Melo

Working for ganira was a big challenge for me since it was something I had never done before, telemarketing. However, I accepted the proposal and since then it has been very rewarding. An exceptional working team. Respect is something imperative in the work environment along with comfort and safety. I do not regret the choice I made of working for ganira. I feel valued as a professional, respected as a citizen and paid as an employee.

Marcelle | 2023 | Performer

Paula Abreu

Although I already have some experience and therefore I know a few companies, ganira was the one that most impressed me throughout my life, not only professional speaking, but also on a personal level. The way of working, and the company's policy, are in fact an added value for everyone. The work is done with passion and no kind of pressure.

Paula | 2023 | Performer

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