• Can we really externalize commercial activities?

    Of course! In fact, it’s an activity where it makes the most sense to avoid fixed costs and ensure every euro invested delivers growth.

  • Are there benefits beyond cost savings?

    Yes, you rely on partners which are truly experts in performance. Not only do they have the right talents, but they also have dedicated tools and processes, optimized for performance management. Setting-up such an environment internally is always a challenge. (Note: this is outside of core business and requires investment that are difficult to correctly implement due to lack of expert knowledge, technical skills, and focus).

    In addition, it gives you a much better scalability potential as you can instantly tap into a talent pool which goes far beyond your own locations.

  • Does this work for every activity?

    Well, it mostly depends on the attractivity of the offer or product. Typically, it works best:

    - In high value consumer goods and services: financial services, real estate, luxury goods, insurance, energy, and telecom.

    - And in b2b: high value contracts with a clearly defined product or service offering.

  • How to ensure quality on such a sensitive topic?

    Precisely, with dedicated tools and processes. Especially with the broader availability of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to standardize quality assurance processes, making them both more scalable, and more adaptable to your own activity (with automated learning).

  • Is outbound marketing any different than what classical call centers offer?

    Most call centers offer outbound services, but it rarely their core focus. Their tools and processes are usually inbound platforms optimized for cost efficiency. Outbound marketing requires a dedicated infrastructure, but also specific KPIs and a very particular performance culture. This is what makes it so unique in the call center industry.

  • Are we not losing the human touch?

    In a post-covid world, we have seen that people now rather favor digital interactions. It remains human, but without the constraints of physical meetings. It also permits to scale much better, both to access a broader talents pool, and to reach out to potential customers.

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